Food is an integral part of every culture. But the lunch Colchester offers is vastly different to many other places outside of the UK!

How do they differ?

We decided to give a little insight into how the lunch Colchester eats is compared to that of other countries and cultures!


‘Der lunch’ in Germany, you may be surprised to hear, is often their biggest meal of the day (and, as you’ll come to find, this is quite normal in most cultures).

It is the norm to have a lighter evening meal and a larger cooked meal between 12 and 2 pm. Traditional German lunch cuisine often consists of meat, like schnitzel or sauerbraten, and would be served with potatoes and vegetables. This meal is often preceded by a starter, like a potato salad, and it isn’t uncommon to have a pint of beer alongside your meal!

However, for Germans working in cities who can’t make it home for lunch, their meals more closely resemble the lunch Colchester would offer. Takeaway food from well-known food chains or local shops is popular. And while some may opt for a sandwich, many prefer a warmer meal, hence the popularity of chains like Currywurst, and places that offer schnitzel and fries.

Understandably, Germany is more partial to the hot lunch, and the Brits aren’t all that different. We do love a good hot ‘mittagessen’ (midday meal)! And here at Bon Appetit, we supply a hot specials menu for those who crave something a little warmer!
Our varied selection includes homemade sausage rolls, scrambled egg and smoked salmon on toast, in addition to our freshly prepared soup of the day!


The Spanish siesta is a concept that permeates all aspects of Spanish culture! After a wonderful midday rest, there is only one thing on anyone’s mind. Food! Like Germany, the meal that follows the siesta is often the biggest of the day. The meal can often include ‘entrantes’, soups, paella and bigger meat dishes in addition to a small dessert. It is known as ‘la Comida’, and literally translates to “the food”. Relatable, I know!

Well, Bon Appetit has all of ‘the food’. Customisable sandwiches and baguettes, salad, chickpea and quinoa boxes. With a range of fillings and extras, the combination possibilities are endless!

So if you ever find yourself in the mood for ‘la Comida’, you can count on Bon Appetit! Head to our contact us page to place an order now.


Mumbai was way ahead of the curve! Their unique delivery service known as the Tiffin wallah is 125 years old, and continues to grow to this day, receiving international recognition for its efficiency!

Since 1890, the dabbawala has provided a unique delivery, and return service. Dabbawala translates literally to ‘one who carries a box’ and began on an exceptionally small scale! The favourable concept of delivering lunch to you and your workplace was an instant hit, and the Mumbai Dabbawala now makes over 200,000 deliveries a day!

We also offer a delivery service! Give us a call to order some of our delicious food, or find us on the Deliveroo and JustEat apps. The tiffin wallah service differs from the lunch Colchester delivers as it is not only a delivery, but also a return service.

That said, the service is largely reliant on home-cooked meals. This is something we have in common! Bon Appetit feels strongly that there is something unmatchable about homemade food. This is why we ensure all of our food is freshly prepared in-store, daily.
Everything from our chicken goujons and sausage rolls, to our soup of the day and jacket potatoes with chilli or curry!


How different cultures compare to the lunch Colchester offers
How different cultures compare to the lunch Colchester offers


Italy is notorious for its cultural appreciation of the long lunch. ‘Pranzo’ is the most important meal of the day, and on weekends it is a social event enjoyed alongside a meal that consists of several courses.
Favourable starters include pasta and risottos. Fried and uncooked vegetables are often served alongside the main dish, consisting of meats, eggs and/or fish. The meal concludes on a sweeter note with a portion of seasonal fruit!

We could definitely learn a thing or two from Italy, a long lunch with many courses? Sign me up pronto!

And Italy is not alone in its customs of long lunches, which have important social significance.


In Vietnam, the workday begins earlier than in the UK and most people enjoy only a light breakfast, so it stands to reason that lunch often lasts anywhere from 1-2 hours! However, more importantly, it is regarded as an opportunity to spend time with friends and family!

Some traditional lunchtime dishes include buhn cha – rice noodles served with grilled pork meatballs, herbs and a sweet and savoury dipping sauce. This is considered a staple of Vietnamese cuisine and comes highly recommended by the foodie community!

Another popular lunchtime favourite is banh mi. An incredibly satisfying sandwich, there are countless variations of this classic. Traditional fillings include a combination of Vietnamese cold cuts like thit nguoi, homemade chicken or pork pate, mayo, pickled carrot, and fresh vegetables including cucumber, green onion, fresh chilli, and topped with coriander and magi sauce (which somewhat resembles Worcestershire sauce). That’s one power move of a combo for sure!

But sandwich combos are always subjective, which is why we offer a fully customisable menu! So that when it comes to looking for what lunch Colchester offers, it’s a no brainer!

Sandwiches or otherwise, in Vietnam, like Italy, lunch is not about ensuring you feel full. It is about sharing good conversation with loved ones over a delicious meal. Something Bon Appetit knows something about!

Our cafe in town is always a relaxed and welcoming environment. So if you want more than food, head over to our shop to enjoy good conversation over the best lunch Colchester can offer!

The best lunch Colchester offers!

Homemade food, hot specials, customisable menus for endless combinations and available for quick delivery. Take your time or grab a quick bite, Bon Appetit is a space for you and your loved ones to gather around and enjoy the most delicious lunch Colchester offers!