British Sandwich Week is a delightful celebration that honours one of Britain’s culinary treasures—the humble sandwich. This annual event, typically held in May, brings together sandwich enthusiasts from all walks of life to revel in the splendid art of sandwich making and enjoyment.

It serves as a platform to showcase the creativity, diversity, and unmatched skill that goes into crafting the perfect sandwich. From timeless combinations like ham and cheese or cucumber and cream cheese to innovative and bold flavour fusions, British Sandwich Week highlights the nation’s deep affection for this beloved culinary creation.

It’s a time when sandwich shops, cafes, and even home cooks come together to tantalise taste buds with a variety of delicious fillings and bread types, all while celebrating the cultural significance of the sandwich in British cuisine. Whether it’s a traditional ploughman’s sandwich or a contemporary vegan delight, British Sandwich Week truly celebrates a cherished national institution.

Join us at Bon Appetit Colchester as we celebrate the art of sandwich making. Here are five fantastic ways to make the most of British Sandwich Week and indulge in the glorious world of sandwiches!

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Host a DIY Sandwich Party:

Gather your friends, family, or colleagues and host a DIY sandwich party. Set up a sandwich bar with a variety of bread, fillings, condiments, and toppings, allowing everyone to build their dream sandwich.

Encourage creativity and adventurous flavour combinations, and let the sandwich-making competition begin! Not only is this a fun and interactive way to celebrate British Sandwich Week, but it also offers a chance to bond over delicious creations.

Naturally, at Bon Appetit Colchester, this is how our menu works, we provide a pix and mix style sandwich menu so you can choose your favourite sandwich fillings, check out our sandwich menu for ideas. Or of course, if you’re in Colchester and prefer your sandwiches to be made for you, you know where we are 😉


Explore Local Sandwich Shops: (cough, cough)

Dedicate this week to exploring the thriving sandwich scene in your area. Visit local sandwich shops, bakeries, and cafes to sample their signature creations.

Challenge yourself to try sandwiches with unique ingredients or regional specialties. Whether it’s a hearty roast beef sandwich or a gourmet vegan delight, let your taste buds embark on a journey of discovery and support local businesses in the process.

If you’re in Colchester, Essex please come and say hi!


Organize a Picnic with Sandwich Delights:

Take advantage of the beautiful weather (depends when you’re reading this blog) and plan a picnic centered around sandwiches.

Pack a basket with an assortment of mouthwatering sandwiches, wraps, and baguettes, along with refreshing beverages and sides.

Head to a picturesque park, beach, or garden and enjoy the simple pleasure of dining al fresco. Share stories, laughter, and your favourite sandwich combinations while basking in the joy of the great outdoors.

What better way to spend British sandwich week?

If you’re visiting Colchester, we recommend Castle Park or Highwoods Country Park.


Get Creative in the Kitchen:

Sandwich Week is the ideal time to unleash your inner chef and experiment with new sandwich recipes at home.

Dive into cookbooks or browse online for inspiration. Whether it’s a gourmet baguette crammed with your favourite fillings, a towering club sandwich, or a unique fusion creation, let your culinary imagination run wild.

Involve your family or friends in the process and enjoy the satisfaction of creating a masterpiece from scratch.


Give Back with Sandwiches:

Spread the love and generosity of Sandwich Week by making sandwiches for those in need. Contact local shelters such as Beacon House, community centers, or food banks such as Colchester Food Bank to find out if they accept sandwich donations.

Gather a group of volunteers, prepare a variety of sandwiches, and distribute them to those who could use a delicious meal.

It’s a meaningful way to celebrate Sandwich Week while positively impacting your community.

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British Sandwich Week

British Sandwich Week is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the timeless appeal of sandwiches. From hosting DIY sandwich parties to exploring local sandwich shops, there are numerous ways to make this week a memorable and delicious experience.

Whether you get creative in the kitchen or give back to the community, let the joy of sandwiches bring people together and ignite your passion for culinary exploration. So, grab your favourite fillings, stack them between two slices of bread, and savour the delightful creations that define Sandwich Week!